The Business Division in the Tunisia Campus of Broward College assembles all the Associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and professional certificates available to our international students in Tunisia. Those students have a choice to pursue those degrees in Tunisia or can travel to Florida and complete their studies in the USA. For the same study programs, students pay considerably less if they complete those studies in Tunisia. These same studies will cost more than 5 times the tuition rates adopted in Tunisia.

Not all study programs are available in Tunisia, and students may need to travel to the USA to study in Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, or in one of the partners universities, as Florida Atlantic University, and Florida International University.


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Associate of Science Degrees in Business Administration:

Earn your associate’s degree in Business Administration and gain the skills that will teach you to be an effective leader in today’s competitive business world. Choose from the following AS Degrees and Technical Certificates:

  Bachelor of Applied Science—Supervision & Management:

A Foundation in Management Starts Here. Our world has transformed into a global economy—one that demands the attention of highly trained managers and supervi sors to oversee functional areas in General Management, Marketing & Sales, Human Resource Management and Project Management. 

More companies are relying on skillful operations managers and productions supervisors to keep their businesses running smoothly. Public and non-profit organizations are also in need of strong leaders who know how to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Benefits of completing this program include: 

• Higher earning potential 
• Increase career opportunities
• Evening, weekend, and online classes available 
• Earn certifications in Accounting, Business Administration or Marketing while completing your degree 
• An American diploma that allows you to work anywhere in the world 

Is this program right for you? 

We have carefully developed this curriculum for current Broward College A.S. students, recent A.S. graduates and professionals returning to school to advance their careers. 
If you do not have you AS yet, you can complete it in our Broward College, Tunisia Campus ; and then continue to our BAS either in our Tunisia Campus or in our main campus in Fort Lauderdale. 

Whether you’re a first-time student, working professional, stay-at-home parent or a family caretaker, Broward College works with you to stay on track for graduation. 

Program Requirements:

When you apply, you should: 

• Have completed a minimum of 15 semester hours of general education requirements. 


• Have completed a combined 60 credit hours at the lower undergraduate level from a regionally accredited institution.