The Division of Liberal Arts in the Tunisia Campus of Broward College assembles all the Associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and professional certificates in Sciences and Liberal Arts that are made available to our international students in Tunisia. Those students have a choice to pursue those degrees in Tunisia or can travel to Florida and complete their studies in the USA. For the same study programs, students pay considerably less if they complete those studies in Tunisia. These same studies will cost more than 5 times the tuition rates adopted in Tunisia.

Please note that due to technological requirements needed to deliver some of the Sciences and Liberal Arts studies, only the first few years may be available to complete in the Tunisia Campus. The rest of the years will be available to our international students in Florida Atlantic University and other universities that share collaberative agreements with Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Some of the collebarative agreements that Broward College signed with sister State universities are available for consultation.


Bachelor of Science  in Environmental Science Degree

​​Environmental Science B.S.

Do you like science? Do you like getting your hands dirty? Do you want to go into a growing field where you can make a difference and a living? 

If so, check out the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science program!​
Students who graduate with their BS degree will be competitive to work for US government agencies (USDA, DOI, etc.), private industries, in labs, in the field, or to go onto graduate or professional school.

There are two tracks, or concentrations, in the http://www.broward.edu/_layouts/images/icpdf.pngEnvironmental Science program:

The Biosecurity​ track focuses on entomology, genetics, plants, and other "animal" and "vegetable" aspects of environmental science.

The Physical Science track focuses on geology, hydrogeology, oceanography, and other "mineral" aspects of environmental science.

 To apply to the BSES program, students must have their AA/AS degree or 60+ college credits (including 36 general education credits). A specific degree or "major" is not required, but the http://www.broward.edu/_layouts/images/icpdf.pngprerequisite courses must be completed prior to entry.  





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